Founded in Feb 2015, Hooray is created by Content Enthusiasts for Content Creators.

Started out from the frustration from our team members and the content creators that we worked with over the years. There are usually very limited ways for Content Creators to fully monetize their videos other than to rely on ad-revenues. Though some find it comfortable to just rely solely on existing monetizing channels, we find it to be vastly adequate.

Therefore, we have come together to create a website that strives to create more revenue channels for content creators.

If you happen to be reading more about us, we like for you to wonder the struggles of content creators. Sometimes it will be the worry for money and other time it will be working to creating greater pieces of content to beautify the world. Therefore, with your help and support, we can play our part to help lift off one great burden off their shoulders so that they can solely focus on generating their content.

To all the content creators out there, stay tune to our progress!